Thursday, June 10, 2010

Two Feeding Centers in Two Days

Here are pictures from Manos Extendidas from yesterday. We were there when the pre-school children were eating, and we were able to give some new shoes to the teacher and helper who works there. They were very appreciative!

Today we went with Caroline's Spanish tutor Lourdes. She and her husband run a feeding center from their church (he is the pastor) where they have an outreach to the poor kids in the neighborhood. We helped prepare the meal for 43 (pancakes and fruit), serve it, play with the kids, listen to the Bible lesson, and helped them take baths and pick out new clothes.

We were very impressed with this ministry and know that God is doing wonderful things through Lourdes' loving leadership.

Then we came back to Caroline's school and hosted an American Barbeque for the 11th graders who wanted to come! What a great day!

I did hear from IRIS that my African sons are at least in their own countries. Now hopefully they will send their American mom a facebook message!


  1. Thanks for posting, mom! I'm here, but you are better at posting on your blog than I am :)

  2. That's because I'm not as picky about the flow of my words...............