Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Honduras Hiatus

Well, I've been thinking about and praying for Dennis and Victor as they headed home. I have asked them to let me know (typical mom fashion) via facebook as soon as they can when they get home but have heard nothing yet. As soon as I hear from them and get some pictures at home, I will write a final entry in this blog that has been dedicated to our year together. But right now, I want to use this blog to post some pictures of our time in Honduras so far. It has been......awesome. Hard to describe in words. Maybe pictures will be more effective.

Bullet highlights (ps- pictures are backwards- sorry)
* Sunday- Micah House. (discipleship ministry to street boys) True sacrificial ministry in the name of Jesus. Rescuing lost boys and putting them on the road to service to God and a practical skill. They have 12 young boys and 20 older ones. We attended their church service (in Spanish) and experienced true worship.
* Monday- Academia los Pinares with Caroline. We hung out in her office, met lots of students with obligatory kisses on one cheek, took a walking tour, met her favorite people. After school, we went to see the statue of Christ that overlooks the city from a National Park.
*Tuesday- we met Erick (our Compassion child that we sponsor) and his family. We were invited to his home, where we shared the gifts we had brought for him and he lovingly shared some momentos with us that he had made. I'm still processing this. What a humbling, precious experience. In the picture, Erick is seated in front of me with green shirt.
*Wednesday- we went to the Manos Extendidas Feeding Center. Still processing this too. Oh my. We were able to bless the workers and the children with donated items that our church sent (as at Micah House). One of the poorest areas of the city, these homes were built after Hurricane Mitch by the people that lost everything in that disaster. Many are single mom families that struggle just to survive. The food that these children get is many times their only meal of the day.
*Tomorrow- we will help a friend of Caroline's who is setting up a new feeding center and host a North American Barbecue for her 11th graders.
*Friday- we will come to school for the 1/2 day (the student's last). Caroline and I are the scheduled special music at the end of the year staff devotions. (!!!?!!) Then we have a trip to a tourist spot in the afternoon.
*Saturday- Love, Faith, and Hope Ministry to the kids at the dump.

I'm sure I'll be writing more and sending more pictures, but this gives you an idea what is happening. God is working! God is blessing! God is teaching! Please keep us in your prayers.

Now if I would just hear from those African sons of mine.............

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