Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Hellos from Africa and Honduras Part III

We have heard from both Dennis and Victor- it was so great to hear their voices. Dennis surprised me so much that I couldn't think of anything to talk about until he hung up! But how wonderful to know that they are with their families and friends once again. We miss them so much. We are home from Honduras now and I will have one more post to finish off this interesting year with our African sons. But for now, one last look at Honduras----

We went to the dump. Well- very close to it. The first picture shows one of the side businesses of the dump area. In Honduras, they do their recycling backwards. All trash is deposited in one huge dump that is hidden behind a gigantic terrace. Then the poorest of the people (including children) who live nearby sustain themselves by sorting through the trash. First they are looking for food. Secondly, they are looking for anything that can be sold: plastic, metal, paper, etc. You can imagine the stench, the filth, and the hopelessness. But in the middle of this horrible place God has blessed a small ministry called Love, Faith, and Hope (Amor, Fe, Esperanza). They offer education, showers, and food along with their love, faith, and hope. The pastor's wife was so thankful to receive our gifts of school supplies, nursery supplies, musical instruments, and clothing. We got to see the facility but not the children because the only day Caroline could take us was on Saturday. God is working mightily through this ministry to what the culture considers the "least of these." It was a very humbling experience.

We went to the orphanage. When we entered, Caroline was greeted by name and surrounded by children who vied for her attention. This is one of the places that she had taken her students on the mission trip last March. Boredom is a real problem in these places, so the arrival of visitors was a welcome bright spot in the day and we were bombarded with kids wanting hugs and attention and the opportunity to show off!

The last place we visited was the home of one of Caroline's wealthy students, where we had been invited for coffee. This beautiful home was by far the nicest place we visited while we were in Honduras. The mom asked us where all Caroline had taken us, and was appalled that we had not seen much beyond the school where Caroline works except for places where God is reaching the poor through His people. But that is the way we wanted it.

We will be processing our trip to Honduras for a long time.

We will be missing our African sons forever.

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